Chalk Stream Trout

About ChalkStream

Where are you based?

Chalkstream is a family run business based in Romsey, just 15 miles from the Cricketers. They produce fine English trout on the world-famous Test and Itchen Rivers.

Can the tell us more about your product?

The trout are slow grown for 2 years in farms built on fast flowing pure chalk stream water, raised in conditions as close to the wild trout of the Test and Itchen as possible. It has a unique, clean taste and is exceptionally lean.

The farms that supply ChalkStream are built on the sites of old water mills.  The mill races provide a huge volume of water allowing the fish to grow in a constant current mirroring their natural river environment.

Unlike the earth pond system of most freshwater farms, our fish are grown in custom designed, gravel bottomed tanks and raceways to create the cleanest possible growing conditions.

ChalkStream Trout

How is the trout used at The Cricketers?

Over the summer months we’ve showcased a number of trout dishes on the menu. From trout and beetroot salad starter to mains such as roasted trout with Sauteed new potatoes, courgette ribbons, babaganoush & roasted pepper salsa Verdi plus roasted Trout with tomato tart, spinach & roasted pepper salsa Verdi. Our customers have loved it and we will continue to use Chalkstream.

For more information about Chalksteam visit their website here.